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    Dave from Honolulu writes: ďI was given a nice bottle of blanco tequila as a gift and I donít have a clue what to do with it. Seems like the only way I know to serve it is as a shot with salt and lime or in a margarita, neither of which Iíve ever really liked. Can you suggest some other way to enjoy tequila?Ē

    A: Sure, and I know what you mean. There arenít many recipes for tequila that donít include salt and lime. Iíd suggest a fruit infusion, theyíre easy to make and you can use about any fruit you want. I recently infused blanco tequila with canned lychee and loved it. Just mix equal parts of tequila with the canned fruit and syrup. For example, if you have a 20 oz can of lychee in syrup, combine the whole thing with 20 oz of tequila in a large, glass, air-tight container. A glass container wonít impart any unwanted flavors to the mix, and it should be air-tight to prevent the alcohol from evaporating. Because thereís so much syrup included with the fruit you can drink it right away, but Iíd let in sit in a cool, dark place for a week or two to really let the flavors blend. This infusion is smooth and tasty all by itself, whether served on-the-rocks or chilled like a straight-up martini. It also mixes very well with club soda or Sprite, and I like it straight-up with a little Tuaca (4 parts lychee-infused tequila to 1 part Tuaca.)